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POSITIVE TRAITS- The strongest element of your character is your ability to find pastimes that fill your life with joy and happiness. You are irreplaceable when it comes to organising leisure time and entertainment. You are in your creative element when surrounded by beauty, a warm atmosphere, good company and good food. You really know how to enjoy life. You prefer spending your leisure time with friends, family and among nature rather than in more physical activities. You are a peaceful and diplomatic person and know well how to avoid confrontations and conflicts. You know how to make others happy. You always try to uplift any situation, turning negative into positive. You have patience for others inability’s and shortcomings. When you interact with others you are always tactful, polite and do not like to pressurize or push people.

NEGATIVE TRAITS- One of your problems is a lack of foresight. When undertaking a project you are not always able to accurately assess its future potential and therefore you often expect to see a return in the short term. Where projects are concerned, you also have a tendency to confuse what you wish to see with what is actually there, so others may think you are not a serious person. You do not like officialdom and formality, instead you prefer to deal with people in an informal way. Your major problem is a lack of motivation and the ability to push yourself when it comes to work matters, especially where uninteresting yet essential tasks are involved. Sometimes you make promises that you cannot keep.

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